What is another word for charged?

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The word "charged" can be replaced with a number of synonyms depending on the context. For instance, in an electrical context, the word "charged" can be replaced with synonyms such as "energized", "electrified", or "powered up". In a legal context, "charged" could be replaced with "accused", "indicted", or "charged with a crime". In a financial context, "charged" could be replaced with "billed", "invoiced", or "tabulated". If you're looking for a more casual or colloquial synonym for "charged", you could opt for words like "amped up", "buzzing", or "pumped". When deciding on a synonym for "charged", be sure to consider the context and tone of your writing.

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    The word "charged" is typically used when referring to an electric charge. When an atom is positively charged, it has extra protons (ie, the nucleus of the atom has more protons than neutrons). This makes the atom more electropositive. On the other hand, when an atom is negatively charged, it has fewer protons than neutrons in its nucleus. This makes the atom less electropositive. One way to measure an atom's electric charge is to use a Coulomb's Law Calculator.

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