What is another word for hydroelectric?

Pronunciation: [hˌa͡ɪdɹə͡ʊlˈɛktɹɪk] (IPA)

Hydroelectric power plants generate electricity by harnessing the force of moving water. Synonyms for the word "hydroelectric" refer to the use of water to produce electricity. Other words that could be used as synonyms for "hydroelectric" include hydrokinetic, hydropower, and hydro-driven. All of these words suggest the use of water as a source of power. Hydro-powered, water-powered, and hydropowered are variations on the theme of using water to generate energy. Whether it's hydroelectric power or hydropower, the use of water to power the world's energy needs is becoming increasingly important as we look for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy sources.

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Usage examples for Hydroelectric

No nuclear energy, they lost that, and of course nothing beyond it, but they have hydroelectric and solarelectric power, and nonnuclear jet aircraft, and some very good chemical-explosive weapons, which they use very freely on each other.
"Space Viking"
Henry Beam Piper
If these river shores were in the hands of different settlers, it would be impossible for a hydroelectric company ever to go in there and purchase each farm separately at a price that would enable it to develop the power.
"A Stake in the Land"
Peter Alexander Speek
The great hydroelectric dams, the hundreds of steam turbines, the heavy-metal atomic reactors-all useless for power purposes.
"Unwise Child"
Gordon Randall Garrett

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