What is another word for wands?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒndz] (IPA)

Wands are magical devices that are commonly used by wizards and witches in fantasy literature. They are typically made of wood, have a pointed end, and are used to cast spells and perform magical feats. There are many different synonyms for the word 'wands', including magic rods, scepters, staffs, and batons. These words all refer to objects that have some kind of magical ability or power. Other synonyms for 'wands' include enchanted wands, wizard's wands, sorcerer's wands, and fairy wands. Whatever you call them, wands are an important part of many fantasy stories, and they continue to fascinate readers and viewers of all ages.

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Usage examples for Wands

Springing across the ditch, and entering among the tall slender wands, which, though they look so thick part aside easily, you may find on the mound behind the butt of an oak sawn just above the ground; and there, in the shade of the reeds, and with a cool breeze now and again coming along the course of the stream, it is delicious in the heat of summer to repose and listen to the murmur of the water.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
They used to fast for seven days, and then go into the temple to prostrate themselves before Fo, and to consult the wands of divination.
"Eastern Shame Girl The Wedding of Ya-Nei; A Strange Destiny; The Error of the Embroidered Slipper; The Counterfeit Old Woman; The Monastery of the Esteemed-Lotus; A Complicated Marriage"
Charles Georges Souli
The garden had reached the time when every day and every night it seemed as if Magicians were passing through it drawing loveliness out of the earth and the boughs with wands.
"The Secret Garden"
Frances Hodgson Burnett

Famous quotes with Wands

  • I like the dueling club scene, where Daniel and I fight with our wands. I thought it was a brilliant scene to shoot. I think the end product looked really good.
    Tom Felton
  • God has matured. He is not the impulsive, bowelless being of the Testaments - the vehement glorymonger, with His bag of cheap carny tricks and his booming voice - the fiery huckster with his burning bushes and his wonder wands. Nowadays God knows what He wants and He knows who He wants.
    Nick Cave

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