What is another word for seals?

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[ sˈiːlz], [ sˈiːlz], [ s_ˈiː_l_z]

Semantically related words: seal hunt, hunting seals, seal clubbing, harp seal pup weight, white seal pup

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    The sea is an integral part of human life and it is no coincidence that a large proportion of the world's population lives near seas or on seaside. The marine world is a beautiful and diverse place with a wide range of life, from microscopic plankton to endangered marine mammals. However, the beauty of the marine world is endangered by humans.

    Overfishing, pollution, coastal development and shipping are some of the threats to the marine environment. seals are particularly vulnerable to these problems. Seal populations have declined by millions due to hunting, entanglement in fishing gear, chemical pollution and coastal development.

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