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Regalia is a term used to describe the paraphernalia, clothing or other items of ceremonial significance used by royalty, church leaders or other dignitaries. Some synonyms for regalia include insignia, finery, attire, regal dress, ceremonial dress, decoration, official wear, ornamental attire, royal gear or ceremonial garb. Other words that could be associated with regalia include crown jewels, scepter, orb, tiara, mace, and medal. Ultimately, the word regalia implies a sense of grandeur and respect, as it is often linked to events that hold great importance or significance.

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How to use "Regalia" in context?

Regalia is the standard of dress of a kingdom or other political entity, especially the dress and insignia of an emperor, queen, or other head of state. The term is also used for the Tapestry of State depicting the history of a monarchy, dynasty, or country, and for the items used to perform the coronation ceremonies of sovereigns.

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