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Webbing refers to a narrow strip of strong woven fabric that is commonly used for various applications. Webbing often plays a vital role in making different kinds of straps, belts, and harnesses that are widely used in outdoor gear, sports, and transportation. There are several synonyms for webbing that include strapping, ribbon, tape, band, strap, binding, and belt. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and usage, but they all refer to a sturdy, woven material that is designed to provide strength and stability under tension. Synonyms for webbing are relevant in different contexts, but they all share the same indispensable characteristic of providing support and structure.

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How to use "Webbing" in context?

Webbing is a material composed of elongated strands of a fibrous material that are interconnected by strands of adhesive. The strands are fused together along their length, creating a mesh-like fabric. Webbing is a synthetic material that is typically colored black or brown.

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