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Belt, the accessory that keeps our pants in place, has several synonyms that you might not be aware of. Some of the common synonyms for belt are sash, girdle, band, strap, and cummerbund. However, depending on the purpose and design, belts can also be referred to as waistbands, harnesses, leashes, corsets, and obis. A belt can be a fashion statement, a tool for holding up heavy equipment, or a safety feature for people working at heights. In conclusion, the use of synonyms enhances our language skills and helps us to express ourselves in a more creative and concise way.

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How to use "Belt" in context?

Belt is a type of fastener, generally made from leather or other strong materials, used to securely hold together the waistband of clothes. Belts are also a popular accessory, serving as a symbol of fashion, political or intellectual identity, or martial prowess.

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