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The word "wiper" can be referred to as various synonyms depending on the context. In the context of windshield wipers, it can be called "windshield washer," "windshield cleaner," or simply "wiper blade." In the context of cleaning surfaces, the term "cleaner" or "squeegee" can be used. In the case of clearing moist surfaces like bathroom walls, it can be called a "sponge wiper" or "bathroom wiper" or a "shower wiper." For keyboard cleaning, it can be referred to as a "keyboard wiper," and in the context of industrial machines, it can be called a "machine wiper" or "industrial wiper." Therefore, the term "wiper" can have various meanings depending on the context it's used in.

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What is a wiper?

A wiper is a type of mechanical device that is used to clean surfaces, such as windows. Many different types of wipers are available, including manually operated wipers, electric motor-operated wipers, and self-cleaning wipers.

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