What is another word for chassis?

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Chassis refers to the framework or structural base that supports and houses the mechanical components of a vehicle or machine. Many words can be used to describe the chassis depending on the context. Some synonyms for chassis include frame, structure, body, platform, foundation, base, skeleton, and framework. "Frame" particularly refers to the metal or wooden structure of a vehicle that carries the body and engine while "structure" emphasizes the overall shape and design. "Platform" and "foundation" suggest a flat surface or sturdy base while "skeleton" and "framework" imply a more skeletal structure. Regardless of the specific synonym used, the chassis is a vital component of any machine or vehicle.

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    Usage examples for Chassis

    Clutching his weapon the boy rushed to the door of the chassis tent and gazed out.
    "The Boy Aviators in Africa"
    Captain Wilbur Lawton
    He bounded into the chassis and roused Ben and Harry.
    "The Boy Aviators in Africa"
    Captain Wilbur Lawton
    But the majority of what they did not dare trust to the gas-bag they carried in the chassis.
    "The Boy Aviators in Africa"
    Captain Wilbur Lawton

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