What is another word for work one's way up?

Pronunciation: [wˈɜːk wˈɒnz wˈe͡ɪ ˈʌp] (IPA)

"Work one's way up" is an idiom which means to gradually advance or progress in one's career or social status through hard work and perseverance. There are several synonyms for this phrase that can be used interchangeably, including climb the ladder, move up the ranks, ascend the professional hierarchy, rise through the ranks, elevate oneself, or advance through tenacity. Each of these phrases carries the same meaning of working hard and improving one's position over a period of time. Hence, they are commonly used in professional and social settings to inspire others to strive for success.

Synonyms for Work one's way up:

What are the hypernyms for Work one's way up?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for work one's way up?

The antonyms for "work one's way up" include "slide down," "demote," "retreat," "step back," "lose ground," "decline," "move backward," "lower oneself," "settle," and "backpedal." These words indicate the reverse order of advancement and suggest taking a step backward or down from an elevated position. In contrast to "working one's way up," these antonyms denote a decrease in achievement or status rather than progress. They may connote a shift in direction or a deviation from the path of success. The antonyms serve to caution one against complacency and encourage a continuous effort towards self-improvement.

What are the antonyms for Work one's way up?

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