What is another word for prosper?

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Prosper is the verb that refers to flourishing or thriving. It describes the state of being successful and wealthy. Some synonyms for prosper include flourish, succeed, thrive, advance, and make a fortune. Flourish means to grow or develop in a strong and vigorous way. Succeed means to accomplish or achieve something desired. Thrive means to grow and develop vigorously, especially in an environment that could be challenging. Advance means to move forward in a positive way. Make a fortune means to become wealthy. Using these synonyms instead of prosper can add depth and variety to your vocabulary, making your writing more engaging and diverse.

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How to use "Prosper" in context?

1. prosper is a word with a lot of meanings. It can mean "to be successful or prosperous," as in the phrase "God has blessed my business with prosperity." It can also refer to "a period of economic growth and high prosperity," as in the phrase "the 1990s were a time of great prosperity." Prosperity can also be a moral quality, as in the phrase "to prosper in life."

Prosperity is a key part of the American dream. It's a concept that underlies our society and our economy. It's what allows us to strive for better opportunities and achieve our goals.

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