What is another word for wrongdoer?

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When describing someone who has committed a wrongful act, there are several synonyms for the word "wrongdoer." Some examples include offender, delinquent, transgressor, culprit, lawbreaker, and malefactor. The term "perpetrator" can also be used in the context of a crime or unlawful behavior. Another synonym that describes someone who has done something wrong is "miscreant," which implies a person who behaves in an immoral or unethical manner. Ultimately, these synonyms all describe someone who has deviated from moral or legal standards, and each term conveys a slightly different connotation or nuance.

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    The term "wrongdoer" is often used in criminal law to refer to someone who has broken the law. The criminal law defines a wrongdoer as someone who has committed a criminal act. The criminal act can be anything from murder to littering. The definition of a wrongdoer can vary depending on the country or state in which the criminal law is applicable.

    In most criminal statutes, a wrongdoer is defined as someone who has knowingly and intentionally committed a criminal act. This means that the wrongdoer must have known that he was breaking the law and must have intended to commit the criminal act.

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