What is another word for violator?

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The term "violator" refers to an individual or entity that violates a law or regulation. There are numerous synonyms for this term, including lawbreaker, offender, transgressor, delinquent, wrongdoer, culprit, and malefactor. These words all convey the idea of someone who has committed an illegal act or offense. Other synonyms include infringer, lawless, renegade, outlaw, and rebel. These words may suggest an individual who intentionally flouts the law or disregards rules, regulations, or social norms. Regardless of the specific synonym used, the word "violator" is often associated with punishment, retribution, and justice.

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    Antonyms for the word "violator" include synonyms such as "compliant", "adherent", and "follower". A violator is someone who breaks or disregards rules, laws or regulations. Conversely, a compliant person follows rules and adheres to expected standards of conduct. An adherent is a person who supports or follows a particular belief or ideology, while a follower is someone who follows the lead of another. Therefore, the antonyms of the word violator describe individuals who are respectful of rules and regulations, and who are not likely to engage in behaviors that violate the norms or conventions of society.

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    Usage examples for Violator

    The marshals retreated, for they had been accustomed to regard with implicit deference the opinion of Sir William Wallace on the laws; and though he now stood in the light of their violator, yet memory bore testimony that he had always read them aright, and, to this hour, had ever appeared to make them the guide of his actions.
    "The Scottish Chiefs"
    Jane Porter
    Now, for a man to love, to dote upon, a girl whose father is the violator of his own father's tomb-a wretch who has called down upon himself the most terrible curse of a dead man that has ever been uttered-that would be a fate too fantastically cruel to be permitted by Heaven-by any governing power whose sanctions were not those of a whimsical cruelty.
    Theodore Watts-Dunton
    She has been under the extraordinary delusion that her own father, poor Panuel Lovell, was the violator of the tomb, and that she has inherited the curse.
    Theodore Watts-Dunton

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