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There are numerous synonyms for the word "saint," each of which reflects particular attributes associated with sanctity. Some of the commonly used synonyms are holy person, blessed one, godly, pious, righteous, and virtuous. While "saint" often denotes a person who has achieved a high level of spiritual enlightenment or has performed selfless acts in service of others, the synonym "godly" tends to emphasize the divinity aspect of the person's character. Similarly, terms like "righteous" and "virtuous" reflect the moral and ethical dimension of sainthood, highlighting the person's incorruptibility, honesty, and adherence to the principles of goodness. No matter the synonym used, individuals considered saints are revered and admired for their exemplary behavior and ideals.

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How to use "Saint" in context?

We all know someone who is a saint; someone who is admired and revered for their good deeds. But what do we actually mean when we say someone is a saint? Merriam-Webster defines a saint as "a person recognized by the church or by common consent as having outstanding holiness or Christian virtue." According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, what contributes to a person being called a saint is not only their good deeds but also their martyrdom, vision, or teaching. As a result, saints often have very dedicated followers.

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      Santa, San, sainte.

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