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[fˈɒɹənə], [fˈɒɹənə], [f_ˈɒ_ɹ_ə_n_ə]

Synonyms for Foreigner:

foreigner (noun)

alien, expatriate, immigrant, migrant, outlander, refugee, stranger.

Other synonyms and related words:

Creole, DP, Guest, Incomer, adventitious, alien, alienage, alienism, apartheid, arrival, barbarian, classe, colonist, deportee, deracine, different, different person, displaced person, division, emigrant, emigre, exclusiveness, exile, exotic, expellee, exteriority, external, extraneous, extraneousness, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial being, extrinsic, extrinsicality, foreign, foreign body, foreign country, foreign customs territories, foreign devil, foreign element, foreign substance, foreigners, fresh off the boat, gaijin, gatecrasher, grade, greaser, greenhorn, injury, insularity, insulation, interloper, intruder, invader, isolation, migr, mysterious, native, new, new arrival, newcomer, non-initiate, non-member, non-native, noncitizen, nonnative, nonresident, odd, orthogonal, out-group, outcast, outdoor, outer, outlandish, outlaw, outsider, overseas, pariah, parochialism, peculiar, persona non grata, polak, quarantine, remote, seclusion, segregation, separation, settler, slant, squatter, strange, tenderfoot, tightness, tramontane, transient, traveler, traveller, trespasser, ultramontane, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, unfamiliar person, unknown, unknown person, unusual, visitor, wanderer, wound, xenophobia.

Rhymes for Foreigner:

  1. warner, mourner, corner;
  2. coroner;

Quotes for Foreigner:

  1. Basketball, in America, is like a culture. It is like a foreigner learning a new language. It is difficult to learn foreign languages and it will also be difficult for me to learn the culture for basketball here. Yao Ming.
  2. Being a foreigner is not a disease. Alden Nowlan.
  3. 'Ouch' is not independent of social training. One has only to prick a foreigner to appreciate that it is an English word. Willard Van Orman Quine.