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[lˈɒt], [lˈɒt], [l_ˈɒ_t]

Synonyms for Lot:

allotment (noun)

allocation, allotment, allowance, apportionment, assignment, budget, chunk, commission, dispensation, division, measure, parcel, part, partition, percentage, piece, portion, proportion, quantum, quota, ration, segment, share, slice, split, stake, stipend.

portion (noun)

bit, compartment, cut, dividend, fraction, half, helping, interest, member, sector, stock, subdivision, zone.

region (noun)

Shire, area, bailiwick, beat, borough, canton, circuit, city, colony, commonweal, country, county, district, domain, duchy, dukedom, earldom, empire, field, kingdom, locality, municipality, nation, neighborhood, place, plot, precinct, province, quarter, realm, region, riding, state, territory, town, tract.

Other synonyms and related words:

abundance, allot, amount, appoint, appointed lot, assign, assortment, batch, bunch, bundle, case, character, considerable, consign, contingent, cup, cut lots, deal, denomination, description, designation, destiny, detail, divvy, dole, draw lots, end, fatality, fate, fortune, galore, genre, genus, good deal, great deal, heap, heaps, hunk, ilk, kind, kismet, loads, lots, manner, mass, meed, mess, mint, modicum, nature, necessity, number, pack, peck, persuasion, pile, piles, pittance, plenty, pot, quantity, quite a little, raft, rafts, section, set, sight, slew, slews, snack, sort, species, stack, stacks, style, sum, tap, the likes of, tidy sum, type, variety, wad, wads, whack, whole slew.

Rhymes for Lot:

  1. cot, caught, pot, knot, slot, lat, mott, got, lotte, baht, clot, yacht, trot, spot, dot, scot, bought, shot, plot, blot, hot, squat, watt, jot, tot, rot, scott;
  2. sadat, forgot, allot;

Quotes for Lot:

  1. Behind every successful man there's a lot of unsuccessful years. Bob Brown.
  2. The architecture profession has lost a lot of its integrity, especially in the USA. The general architect here has no scruples, no ambitions. Helmut Jahn.
  3. You know, the blond guy plays the good guy and I play the bad part, the bad guys. Which is a lot of fun. Playing the bad guy is great. And it's the whole British thing. You know, in so many films the bad guy is British. Gary Oldman makes a living doing that. Matt Robinson.

Idioms of Lot:

  1. have a lot on plate;
  2. say a lot about;
  3. a whole lot