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[sˈɪtɪ], [sˈɪtɪ], [s_ˈɪ_t_ɪ]

Synonyms for City:

regional (adjective)

colonial, commonwealth, divisional, local, national, provincial, regional, territorial.

region (noun)

Shire, area, bailiwick, beat, borough, canton, circuit, colony, commonweal, country, county, district, division, domain, duchy, dukedom, earldom, empire, field, kingdom, locality, lot, municipality, nation, neighborhood, parcel, place, plot, precinct, province, quarter, realm, region, riding, sector, state, territory, town, tract, zone.

town (noun)

burg, hamlet, metropolis, suburb, township, village.

Other synonyms and related words:

Cuzco, Delphic, REHAB, Washington, already, apple, arbor, archbishopric, archdiocese, archery ground, arrondissement, asphalt jungle, banlieue, barrio, base, be in business, bed of roses, beforehand, big apple, bishopric, black ghetto, blighted area, boom town, bourg, bowery, bowling alley, built-up, burgh, burghal, business district, buy and sell, cantonal, capital, cathedral town, center, central city, charter, cities, citified, city center, city's, city-state, cityscape, citywide, civic, civil, civilization, cola, cologne, colon, commune, community, concrete jungle, congressional district, constablewick, constituency, conurbation, core, cosmopolis, council, county park, county seat, county town, courthouse, cricketground, croquet ground, croquet lawn, deal in, departement, diocese, dorp, downtown, drive a trade, editor, electoral district, electorate, entirely each, exurb, exurbia, faubourg, federal, flint, garden, garth, ghetto, ghost town, give and take, glaciarum, golden age, golden time, government, greater city, green alley, greenbelt, ham, her majesty's, his majesty's, horticulture, hundred, hunting ground, inner city, interurban, intraurban, keep a shop, kraal, large town, large urban area, lathe, limited, loaves and fishes, locale, location, magistracy, market town, megacity, megalopolis, megalopolitan, merry-go-round, metropolitan, metropolitan area, midtown, milk and honey, mofussil, municipal, national forest, national park, neighbourhood, nundinate, oblast, okrug, oppidan, out-of-town, outpost, outskirts, overdeveloped, overspill, parish, park, particular, peculiar, plaisance, planning, playground, pleasure ground, ply a trade, polis, polite, port, previously, principality, public, pueblo, racket court, red-light district, residential, residential district, restricted, rink, roundabout, run-down neighborhood, satellite, scene, seaport, section, see, setting, settlement, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shopping center, shrievalty, site, skating rink, skid road, skid row, slum, slums, small town, soke, specific, spread city, stake, state park, stay in, street, suburban, suburbia, suburbs, swing, tenderloin, tenement district, tennis court, the City, thorp, tithing, trade, traffic, undeveloped, uptown, urban, urban area, urban blight, urban center, urban centre, urban complex, urban district, urban place, urban sprawl, urbanized, urbs, venue, vest-pocket park, vicinity, ville, wapentake, wappentake, ward, whereabouts, zonal.

Rhymes for City:

  1. gritty, pretty, kitty, bitty, ditty, pity, witty;
  2. committee;
  3. subcommittee, itty-bitty;

Quotes for City:

  1. I go to London, my favourite city in the world, and I feel at home. Boris Becker.
  2. Brooklyn was the most wonderful city a man could play in, and the fans there were the most loyal there were. Pee Wee Reese.
  3. In a city where you walk around, it's impossible to plan your day and your life as accidents will happen, you'll overhear things, bump into people, and take unexpected turns. Jason Schwartzman.

Idioms of City:

  1. can't fight city hall;
  2. city slicker;
  3. cardboard city