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[ɹˈɪzəbə͡l], [ɹˈɪzəbə‍l], [ɹ_ˈɪ_z_ə_b_əl]

Synonyms for Risible:

risible (noun)

amusing, comic, comical, funny, humorous, humourous, laughable, mirthful.

Other synonyms and related words:

Daffy, Humoristic, able to laugh, absurd, amused, asinine, balmy, barmy, batty, bizarre, bonkers, bootless, buxom, cheerful, childish, chucklesome, clever, cock-eyed, cockamamie, cockamamy, cockeyed, comedic, contemptible, convulsed with laughter, crack-brained, crackpot, crazy, cuckoo, curious, daft, damn-fool, dark, derisive, derisory, dippy, distrustful, diverting, doggerel, dotty, droll, drollish, dumb, eccentric, entertaining, exceptional, exciting laughter, exorbitant, extraordinary, extravagant, extreme, facetious, fantastic, far-out, farcical, fatuitous, fatuous, feeble-minded, fishy, foolhardy, foolish, frivolous, gimcrack, gleeful, goofy, grotesque, half-baked, hare-brained, hilarious, hysterical, idiotic, ill-advised, illogical, imbecile, imbecilic, inane, incongruous, incredible, insane, ironical, irrational, irresponsible, jocose, jocular, jocund, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, laughing, laughter-loving, lively, loony, ludicrous, ludicrous. laughable, lunatic, mad, meaningless, merry, mindless, mirth-loving, moronic, nonsensical, nuts, nutty, odd, outlandish, outrageous, particular, peculiar, playful, pleasant, pleasantly entertaining, pointless, preposterous, priceless, providing enjoyment, puerile, quaint, questionable, quizzical, ragtime, ready to burst, ready to split, rejoicing, rich, ridiculous, riotous, risibility, rum, rummy, scatterbrained, screaming, screwy, senseless, seriocomic, shady, side-splitting, silly, singular, slapstick, suspect, suspicious, tragicomic, unbelievable, unimportant, unreasonable, unwise, uproarious, vacant, vacuous, vapid, wacky, waggish, weird, whimsical, wild, witty, zany.