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[mˈa͡ɪnd], [mˈa‍ɪnd], [m_ˈaɪ_n_d]

Synonyms for Mind:

intellect (noun)

brain, brain-power, capacity, cerebration, comprehension, intellect, intelligence, mentality, rationality, reason, reasoning, thinking, thought, understanding.

heed (verb)

attend, care about, concentrate on, heed, pay attention to, scrutinize, study, take notice of, take seriously, think about, watch.

intend (verb)

aim, choose, consider, endeavor, expect, intend, mean, plan, propose, resolve, scheme, wish.

Other synonyms and related words:

Disrelish, Hear, Intellectuality, Lucidness, Mislike, Percipience, Perpend, Philosophy pneuma, abide, abide by, ability, abominate, absolutely, accede, accept, accompany, acknowledge, acquiesce, acute, adhere, adhere to, adopt, adroit, advert to, affect memory, agile, agree, aim at, ambition, ambivalent, anima, anima humana, animadvert, animadvert to, animus, anterograde memory, anyway, ape, appetence, appetency, appetite, apply, apprehension, approach, approximation, aptitude, architect, ardor, ardour, aspiration, aspire after, aspire to, assessment, association of ideas, assumption, assure, astral body, astuteness, atavism, atman, attend to, attend to orders, attention, attitude, authentically, awareness, baby-sit, babysit, balk, balk at, baseless suspicions, bawl out, be affronted by, be after, be against it, be annoyed by, be at, be attentive, be averse to, be aware of, be bothered by, be careful, be careful of, be cautious, be cautious of, be certain, be cognizant of, be concerned, be decided, be determined by, be firm, be guided by, be mindful of, be offended by, be on guard, be on the lookout, be positive, be put, be resolute, be resolved, be responsible for, be sure, be troubled by, be unwilling, be vigilant, be wary, be willing, bear in mind, beassured orconfident, begrudge, behold, being, belief, believe in, bend to, bent, berate, bethink, beware, bias, bid for, board, boil, bosom, bosomed, bow to, brain, brainpower, brains, breath, breath of life, bring back, bring to mind, bring to recollection, brood, buddhi, busy, call to mind, call up, capable, capitulum, caput, care, care for, careful, carry out, cast, castigate, catch, cerebral, certainly, certainty, chafe, chaperon, character, chastise, cherish, chew out, chief, choice, cite, cleave to, clever, cleverness, climate of opinion, cling to, coconscious, cogitative faculties, cognition, cognitive faculties, cognitive powers, cognizance, collective memory, collective unconscious, come to, command, common belief, community sentiment, complain, comply, comply with, computer memory, conation, conatus, conceit, conceiver, concentration, concept, conception, concern, conclude, conclusion, concupiscence, conform, conform to, conjure up, conscience, conscious self, consciousness, consensus gentium, consent, conserve, consideration, constitution, contemn, contemplate, contemplation, contriver, control, conviction, convincement, convoy, copy, core, counsel, covet, crazy, creative thinker, creator, cue, curiosity, death instinct, decide, decision, deem, defend, defer to, delight, deplore, descry, desideration, desideratum, design, desire, despise, destine, detect, determination, determine, determine upon, detest, diathesis, dig, disapprove of, discern, discernment, discipline, discourse of reason, discretion, discursive faculties, discursive reason, disesteem, disfavour, disk memory, dislike, dispose, disposition, disregard, distinguish, disturb, divine breath, divine spark, doubt, draw the line, dress down, drive, drive at, drum memory, drumhead, dwell, eagerness, ear, eccentricity, echo, effect, ego, ego ideal, ego-id conflict, emotional response, encephalon, energetic, energy, engram, enjoin, enjoy, ensure, enterprise, enthusiasm, envy, escape, escort, esprit, espy, essence, essentially, estimate, estimation, ethical self, ethos, evoke, excogitate, execrate, exercise caution, expectation, eye, facility, faculties, faculty, faithfully, fancy, fantasy, feed, feel, feel interest, feeling, fire, fixed purpose, flair, flip, follow, follow the book, force, force of will, foreconscious, forefront, forget, form an opinion, forward movement, foster, fountainhead, frame, frame of mind, free choice, free will, fresh, fret, function, general belief, genius, get miffed, ghostly apparition, gift, give, give a hoot, give attention to, give heed to, give in, give someone, give someone hell, give way, go along with, go back, go back over, go for, govern, grain, gray matter, grey matter, gross body, grudge, guard, hackles, had as lief, harbor a design, hark, hark back, harken to, hate, have, have a care, have an objection, have rather not, have regard to, head, head teacher, head word, header, heading, headland, headpiece, headspring, headway, hearken, hearken to, heart, heart's desire, hearted, heedfully, hold, hold to, hope, horme, how, however, humor, humour, idea, identify, idiosyncrasy, ignore, imagination, imitate, impetus, impression, impulse, inclination, incline, indeed, individualism, individualist, inner man, inner person, inner woman, insane, inscrutable, insight, instinct, intellection, intellectual, intellectual curiosity, intellectual faculties, intellectual faculty, intellectual powers, intendment, intent, intention, intuition, jiva, jivatma, jolly, judge, judgement, judging, judgment, judicial decision, kama, keen, keep, keep an eye on, keep an eye peeled, keep in mind, keep in sight, keep in view, keep safe, keep to, keep watch, keep watch over, khu, kidney, kinesthetic memory, knack, know, knuckle under, labor for, leaning, learning ability, legitimately, libidinal energy, libido, lie low, life force, life principle, light, lights, like, liking, line, linga sharira, listen, listen to, lively, living, loathe, logical, logical reasoning, look, look about one, look after, look at, look back, look into, look out, look out for, look sharp, look to, lookout, love, lucidity, lucubrate, lust, lust for learning, mad, maintain, make, make certain, make note, make note of, make out, make sure, makeup, manas, manes, marble, marbles, mark, marvelous, mastermind, matronize, meaning, melodic theme, member, memory, memory bank, memory circuit, memory trace, mens, mensa, mental, mental ability, mental capacity, mental set, mettle, mimic, mind one's business, mind-set, mindfully, mindset, minister, minister to, miraculous, mirror, mislike misrelish, mneme, mold, mood, morale, mother, motivation, motive, motive force, mould, moulder, mouldy, mount, mount guard, musical theme, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mystique, nature, need, nephesh, never mind, nevertheless, nisus, nonetheless, not care for, not care to, not feel like, note, notice, notion, nourish, nous, nurse, nurture, obey, obey the rules, object, object to, objective, observance, observation, observe, occupy, occupy oneself with, odd, one's thoughts, opinion, orient, orientate, oversee, parts, pass, passion, pay attention, pay heed to, peculiar, perceive, perception, perceptiveness, persona, personal judgment, personality, perspective, perspicacity, persuasion, physical body, planner, plans, play gooseberry, pleasure, pleasure principle, plerophory, pneuma, point, point of view, police, polymath, ponder, popular belief, position, positively, posture, power, power of reason, practically, pragmatism, prana, preconscious, predetermination, predilection, predispose, predisposition, prefer not to, preference, prepare, preserve, presumption, prevailing belief, primitive self, principal, principle of desire, proclivity, project, promontory, propend, propensity, proposal, prospect, prospectus, protect, protege, provide for, provision, psyche, psychic apparatus, psychological, psychology, public belief, public opinion, purpose, purusha, purview, put in mind, put in remembrance, quaint, query, question, qui vive, race memory, racial unconscious, rail at, ratio, rational, reaction, really, reasonable, reasonableness, reasoning faculties, reasoning faculty, reasoning power, rebuke, recall, recall to mind, recapture, reck, recognize, recollect, recollection, reevoke, reflect, reflection, regard, religious conviction, relish, remark, remember, remembrance, remind, reminisce, reminiscence, reprimand, reproach, reprove, resent, resolution, respect, retain, retrace, retrospect, review, review in retrospect, revive, ride herd on, ruach, safeguard, sagaciousness, sagacity, sage, sake, saneness, sanity, sapience, savant, savvy, school principal, scold, scorn, screen memory, see, see after, see in retrospect, see to, see to it, seem, self, self-conviction, selfcontrol, sense, senses, sentiment, serve, set, set before oneself, set watch, shade, shadow, shape-up, shelter, shepherd, shield, shilly-shallying, shrewdness, sight, simply, sit, skill, skin alive, skull, slant, slough off, smart, smarts, soil, soul, sound judgement, sound judgment, soundness, souvenir, spirit, spirits, spiritual, spiritual being, spiritus, spot, sprightly, stamp, stance, stand over, state of mind, stay in line, sthula sharira, stomach, strain, straits, streak, stripe, striving, subconscious, subconscious mind, subliminal, subliminal self, submerged mind, submit, substance, substantially, succumb, summon up, superego, superintend, supervise, support, surmise, surrender, sympathy, tactician, take, take amiss, take an interest, take care, take care of, take care of, take care with, take charge of, take heed, take heed of, take ill, take into account, take into consideration, take note, take note of, take notice, take offence at, take offense, take orders, take to heart, take umbrage, take under one's wing, talent, tape memory, target, tell off, temper, temperament, tend, tendency, theme, theory, think, think back, think of, think over, thinker, thinking principle, thirst for knowledge, thoughts, toe the line, toe the mark, tone, top dog, trouble, trouble oneself, truckle to, truely, truly, turn, turn from, turn of mind, twist, type, uncertain, uncommon, unconscious, unconscious mind, undecided, unsure, unusual, upbraid, upper story, urge, use hindsight, vacillating, vein, velleity, verbal response, very, vex, victual, view, viewpoint, visual memory, vital, vital force, vital impulse, volition, wait on, want, wanting, warp, watch out, watch out for, watch over, wavering, way, way of thinking, weigh, what makes someone tick, whereby, will, will and pleasure, will-power, wisdom, wish fulfillment, wit, wits, wont, worry, would rather not, yet, yield, your intention, zeal, zealousness, zest.

Rhymes for Mind:

  1. whined, pined, blind, mined, grind, wind, dined, bind, signed, rind, lined, fined, kind, twined, hind, find;
  2. resigned, declined, entwined, refined, maligned, remind, defined, aligned, combined, confined, inclined, unsigned, mankind, opined, unkind, behind, designed, unwind, assigned, unlined, consigned;
  3. unconfined, unrefined, intertwined, disinclined, undermined, undefined;

Quotes for Mind:

  1. The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind but how to get old ones out. Dee Hock.
  2. The idea that we cause harm by doing what we perceive to be the right thing, that's another theme that interests me. Because most people don't intend to cause harm, they cause harm by doing the right thing- in their mind Andrew McCarthy.
  3. After a few games I knew I was going to be able to compete. The idea of being a star never crossed my mind Merlin Olsen.

Idioms of Mind:

  1. flash into one's mind
  2. never mind
  3. set/ put sb's mind at rest/ ease;