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[nˌɒnsˈɛnzɪkə͡l], [nˌɒnsˈɛnzɪkə‍l], [n_ˌɒ_n_s_ˈɛ_n_z_ɪ_k_əl]

Synonyms for Nonsensical:

absurd (adjective)

absurd, anachronistic, bizarre, contradictory, crazy, eccentric, fallacious, farcical, foolish, idiotic, illogical, implausible, impossible, inane, incongruous, inconsistent, invalid, irrational, ludicrous, meaningless, outlandish, paradoxical, preposterous, ridiculous, self-contradictory, senseless, silly.

foolish (adjective)

asinine, blithering, blockheaded, bone-headed, brainless, chuckle-headed, crackpot, cretinous, dim-witted, doltish, dopey, dotty, dumb, goofy, half-witted, ignorant, imbecilic, knuckle-headed, lame-brained, loony, meat-headed, moronic, nitwit.

meaningless (adjective)

blathering, cryptic, double-talk, driveling, gobbledygook, hogwash, jabbering, noisy, unmeaning.

ridiculous (adjective)

comical, curious, dubious, grotesque, incredible, laughable, oddball, outrageous, poppycock, weird.

Other synonyms and related words:

Daffy, Weak-minded, absurd, addle-brained, addle-pated, aimless, amusing, anomalous, askew, attocerebral, balmy, balmy orbarmy, barmy, batty, bemused, beyond belief, bird-brained, blind, boneheaded, bonkers, bootless, bubbleheaded, childish, clownish, cock-eyed, cockamamie, cockamamy, cockeyed, comic, confused, crack-brained, crocked, cuckoo, daft, damn-fool, demented, derisory, dim, dippy, dizzy, dopy, droll, dull, dull-witted, egregious, empty, empty-headed, erratic, erroneous, exorbitant, extraordinary, extravagant, extreme, facetious, false, fantastic, fantastical, far-fetched, far-out, fatuitous, fatuous, feather-brained, feather-headed, featherheaded, feeble-minded, fool, foolhardy, frivolous, frolicsome, fruitless, funny, futile, gormless, half-baked, halfwitted, hare-brained, harebrained, hasty, heedless, high-flown, hilarious, hollow, humorous, idle, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-judged, imbecile, immature, improper, imprudent, incomprehensible, indiscreet, ineffective, ineffectual, inept, inexpedient, injudicious, insane, insensate, insignificant, irresponsible, jerky, jocose, jocular, kooky, light-headed, loaded, logically contradictory, loopy, lunatic, lunkheaded, macaronic, mad, madcap, maudlin, merry, mindless, mirthful, mistaken, monstrous, muddle-headed, myopic, nonmeaningful, nonsense, numbskulled, numskulled, nuts, nutty, obtuse, odd, outre, pathetic, pea-brained, pie-eyed, playful, pointless, poppycockish, potty, puerile, punning, purposeless, quibbling, rash, rattle-brained, reckless, resembling farce, rich, risible, rubbishy, sappy, scatterbrained, screwball, screwy, self-annulling, short-sighted, side-splitting, simple-minded, simpleminded, skimble-skamble, slapstick, sloshed, slow-witted, soft, softheaded, soused, sportive, stolid, thick, thick-witted, thickheaded, thimble-witted, thoughtless, tomfool, trashy, twaddling, twaddly, unbelievable, unconsidered, undiscerning, undiscriminating, unearthly, uninformed, unintelligent, unintelligible, unperceiving, unperceptive, unproductive, unreal, unrealistic, unreasonable, unreasoning, unreflecting, unstable, unsubstantial, unthinking, unthoughtful, unwise, unwitting, useless, vacant, vacuous, vain, vapid, void of sense, wacky, waggish, warped, wet, wild, witless, witty, worthless, zany.

Quotes for Nonsensical:

  1. It's finding those nonsensical pieces of conversation that we all do all the time. We do all the time. When we're talking on the telephone, there are arguments with people who agree when they both think that they disagree. Barry Levinson.
  2. In an era when information can be sent instantaneously anywhere, it is utterly nonsensical that our Nation's police, the fire, and EMS personnel cannot consistently communicate with each other. Bill Pascrell.
  3. Strictly speaking, the idea of a scientific poem is probably as nonsensical as that of a poetic science. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel.