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What is another word for nuts?

449 synonyms found


[nˈʌts], [nˈʌts], [n_ˈʌ_t_s]

Synonyms for Nuts:

enthusiasts (noun) lunatics (noun) nuts (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Nuts:

  1. guts, klutz, shuts, struts, ruts, gluts, cuts, butts;
  2. abuts;

Quotes for Nuts:

  1. Avoid fruits and nuts You are what you eat. Jim Davis.
  2. If your company has a clean -desk policy, the company is nuts and you're nuts to stay there. Thomas J. Peters.
  3. Anyone who would let Gary Cooper and the entire cast go charging on horseback without first finding out what kind of footing the horses had is nuts and cannot possibly direct a motion picture. Dick York.

Idioms of Nuts:

  1. can't do sth for nuts
  2. nuts and bolts;
  3. go nuts