What is another word for Averseness?

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[ ɐvˈɜːsnəs], [ ɐvˈɜːsnəs], [ ɐ_v_ˈɜː_s_n_ə_s]

Averseness is the state of being actively opposed to or disliking something. Synonyms for averseness can include antipathy, reluctance, disinclination, avoidance, hatred, repulsion, detestation, animosity, loathing, abhorrence, and hostility. These words describe a strong feeling of opposition that can manifest in various forms. Antipathy refers to a deep-seated dislike, while reluctance suggests hesitance or unwillingness. Disinclination implies a lack of interest or willingness, and avoidance suggests actively staying away from something. Hatred and repulsion are intense negative emotions, while detestation and animosity suggest a deep and active dislike. Loathing and abhorrence convey a sense of disgust and aversion, while hostility implies aggression or opposition.

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    Averseness is one of the cardinal virtues. It is the quality that makes one immune to the common vices of mankind, such as anger, envy, and pride. It is also the quality that helps to guard one against the temptation of worldly goals. Averseness is a quality that is beneficial both in personal and social life. It is the quality that prevents one from being drawn down into the carnal way of life. It is the quality that keeps one clean and dignified. It is the quality that stirs one's conscience to do good.

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