What is another word for enmity?

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Enmity is a term used to describe a state of deep-seated and ongoing hostility or animosity between individuals or groups. It is a strong feeling of hatred and ill-will that is often based on past grievances or longstanding conflicts. Synonyms for the word enmity include animosity, hostility, antagonism, antipathy, hatred, loathing, repugnance, bitterness, rancor, and hate. These terms all evoke a sense of deep-seated ill-will or hatred between individuals or groups, and may be used interchangeably with enmity depending on the context in which they are used. Overall, they all describe negative, harmful emotions and attitudes that can be corrosive to relationships and lead to further conflict.

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    "enmity" is a word that derives from the Greek word "enmity," meaning "adverse feeling, hostility, or ill-will." Enmity can be found in a wide variety of expressions, from everyday language to classical philosophy. Its origins can be traced to the ancient Greeks, who believed that the universe was composed of two polarities, hot and cold. These two opposite forces were constantly in conflict with each other, and we see examples of this in the world around us.

    Enmity can be found between friends, family members, and even between nations.

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