What is another word for antagonism?

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Antagonism refers to hostility or opposition between two or more conflicting groups or individuals. There are several synonyms for the word- animosity, enmity, conflict, competition, resistance, hostility, and opposition, among others. Animosity refers to deep-seated hatred or intense dislike among individuals or groups. Enmity goes beyond hostility, implying a constant state of conflict and ill-will towards the opposite party. Conflict can refer to a disagreement or struggle between two or more parties, while competition implies rivalry in achieving a common goal. Resistance refers to the refusal to comply with something or oppose something. Hostility denotes an aggressive and confrontational behavior, and opposition implies opposition to or disagreement with an idea or policy.

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    The dictionary definition of "antagonism" is "a state of hostility or hostility towards." In short, antagonism is a reaction to something that people find offensive. It's a feeling of hate, hostility, or dislike. There are many different types of antagonism, and it can happen with people, things, or ideas.

    Some people can be antagonistic towards other people simply because they don't like them. Others can be antagonistic towards other people because they disagree with them politically or ideologically. There can be antagonism between people of different races, genders, or religions.

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