What is another word for ill will?

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Ill will refers to a deep feeling of hatred or malice towards someone, often resulting in negative or harmful actions towards the target. There are several synonyms for ill will, including animosity, hostility, enmity, bitterness, resentment, spite, and hatred. These words capture the negative emotions and actions that ill will entails, often resulting in strained relationships, conflicts, and tensions. Some synonyms of ill will, such as enmity or hostility, convey a more intense feeling of hatred or enmity, while others, like resentment or bitterness, showcase a lingering anger or grudge. Regardless of the synonym used, ill will is never a desirable trait and can cause significant harm to individuals and communities.

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    How to use "Ill will" in context?

    The phrase "ill will" has two different meanings. The first is that someone has a malicious intent towards someone else. They may think of ways to harm or destroy them. The second usage is when someone behaves in a way that shows they don't want to cooperate or are hostile towards others. They may act spitefully or randomly.

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