What is another word for averse?

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If you are a writer or a student, you may have encountered the word "averse" in your texts. Averse means to have a strong dislike or opposition to something. It could also mean reluctant to do something. If you are looking for synonyms to use in place of the word averse, you can use expressions such as disinclined, hesitant, resistant, unwilling, loathful, or oppose. These synonyms can come in handy in writing a variety of texts, such as academic papers, business letters, or creative writing. So next time you encounter the word "averse," don't hesitate to use one of these synonyms.

Synonyms for Averse:

How to use "Averse" in context?

The word "averse" is a word that means "afraid or unwilling." The word is used to describe somebody who is reluctant to do something. For example, the person might be averse to going out with friends.

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