What is another word for calpac?

Pronunciation: [kˈalpak] (IPA)

Calpac is a type of cap that resembles a skullcap and is often worn by Muslim men. It is also known as a taqiyah, kufi, seruke, or peci in different regions around the world. The term taqiyah is commonly used in Arabic-speaking countries and Iran, while kufi is used in West Africa and North America. The seruke is a traditional cap worn in Sri Lanka, while peci is the name for the cap worn in Indonesia and Malaysia. Regardless of its name, the calpac remains an important piece of religious and cultural attire for many Muslim men around the world.

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    • artifact

Usage examples for Calpac

It was a mixed ritual of colours here in boot and hat: yellow for Mussulman, red boots, black calpac for Armenian, for the Effendi a white turban, for the Greek a black.
"The Purple Cloud"
M.P. Shiel
The Tartar skull shines from under a high taper calpac, the Nizain-djid's from a melon-shaped head-piece; the Imam's and Dervish's from a grey conical felt; and there is here and there a Frank in European rags.
"The Purple Cloud"
M.P. Shiel

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