What is another word for crest?

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The word "crest" can refer to the highest point of a hill or mountain, or the top of a wave. Synonyms for this word include peak, summit, pinnacle, apex, zenith, and acme. In a different context, the word "crest" can also refer to a decorative emblem or badge, and synonyms for this usage include emblem, badge, coat of arms, device, and symbol. Additionally, in the context of ornithology, "crest" refers to a tuft of feathers on the head of a bird, and synonyms for this meaning include plume, topknot, and comb. Overall, the word "crest" has many different meanings and synonyms depending on the context in which it is used.

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    The word "crest" refers to the topmost point of a hill or wave, or the decorative or symbolic emblem on a coat of arms. Antonyms for "crest" include the bottom, the foot or the base, the trough or the valley, and the nadir. Other antonyms for "crest" might include terms like depression, low, descent, or decline. These words convey an opposing meaning to the upward motion or sense of pride and accomplishment associated with cresting something. Understanding antonyms for words like "crest" is important for building vocabulary, improving communication, and enhancing comprehension of language.

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