What is another word for chile?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈɪli] (IPA)

Chile, a South American country, is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and spicy cuisine. While the word "chile" typically refers to the country, it can also be used as a substitute for the spicy pepper that is popular in many Latin American dishes. Some common synonyms for "chile" include chili pepper, hot pepper, red pepper, and jalapeño. These words are often used interchangeably when describing different types of spicy peppers or dishes that incorporate them. Regardless of what you call it, chile is an integral part of Latin American cuisine and adds a bold, flavorful kick to many dishes.

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      chilean, Chileans, chilena.

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Usage examples for Chile

Ah, who knows what a chile will be, Anna?
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
"That's a nice way t' throw cowld wather on th' chile," Jamie said.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
chile, whah you been?
"Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis"
Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma

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