What is another word for prank?

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Pranks are often seen as a form of harmless entertainment, but repeated or particularly aggressive pranks can cause serious harm. Fortunately, there are plenty of synonyms for "prank" that can help express the idea of playful amusement without running the risk of harm to others. Some possible synonyms include "hoax," "joke," "gag," "trick," "spoof," "mischief," "shenanigans," and "frolic." Each of these terms has a slightly different flavor, but all suggest a sense of good-natured fun and lighthearted humor that can bring people together and create a sense of shared joy.

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    Pranks are a fun way to mess with someone, and they can be especially entertaining when they are unexpected. There are many different types of pranks, and they can range from harmless hijinks designed to get a reaction, to more malicious schemes designed to upset or embarrass someone. Some popular pranks include dressing up in a ridiculous outfit and trying to scare someone, setting off a science experiment that accidentsly makes someone wet their pants, or staging a phony fight in order to get someone to confess their feelings.Whatever your prank plan, make sure that you are prepared for the reaction that you will get.

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