What is another word for antic?

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The word "antic" is often associated with humorous or playful behavior, and can be used to describe acts of eccentricity or mischief. Synonyms for this word include "prankish", "whimsical", "playful", "capricious", and "frolicsome". Other synonyms for "antic" may include terms such as "zany", "goofy", "funny", "quirky", or "kooky". Each of these words can be used to describe someone or something that exhibits a playful or lighthearted sensibility. Whether you're looking for just the right word to describe a silly situation or simply expressing your own playful nature, there are many synonyms available that can help.

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    Synonyms for Antic:

    How to use "Antic" in context?

    At one time, an "antic" was a person who opposed or protested in an offhand or half-hearted way. But over time, the word has taken on a more complex and sinister meaning. Webster's Dictionary defines an antic as "a hostile or repelling act or sentiment." In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary defines an antic as "a public manifestation of opposition to a policy or person, especially one carried out with humor or ridicule."

    Sometimes an antic can be as simple as wearing a T-shirt that says "No U.S.A." in protest of the administration of current U.S. President Donald Trump.

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