What is another word for circuitousness?

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[ sɜːkjˈuːˌɪtəsnəs], [ sɜːkjˈuːˌɪtəsnəs], [ s_ɜː_k_j_ˈuː_ˌɪ_t_ə_s_n_ə_s]

Circuitousness, which refers to taking an indirect or roundabout route, can be expressed using various synonyms. These include circumlocution, meandering, detour, winding, labyrinthine, serpentine, convoluted, and twisted. Each word highlights a different aspect of circuitousness, whether it be wandering aimlessly, purposely avoiding a straight path, or getting lost in a complex network of twists and turns. Using synonyms for circuitousness can help writers add variety and nuance to their descriptions and narratives, leading to more engaging and vivid prose.

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    Synonyms for Circuitousness:

    How to use "Circuitousness" in context?

    When we use the word "circuitousness," what comes to mind? For some, the word might conjure up a mental image of a convoluted path that winds its way around an obstacle. For others, it might simply evoke a feeling of ellipticality or surprise. Yet, for many, the term could also suggest an unexpected and indirect approach to solving a problem. In short, for many people, the word "circuitousness" is synonymous with creativity and problem-solving.

    Despite its versatility, the word "circuitousness" has not always had a positive connotation.

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