What is another word for Deviating?

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Deviating refers to moving or taking a course different from the usual or expected path. Some synonyms for deviating include diverging, straying, veering, shifting, swerving, fluctuating, and wandering. Diverging implies moving away from a common point or direction. Straying suggests moving away from a proper or correct course. Veering refers to a sudden or sharp turn in a different direction. Shifting involves moving from one point to another without necessarily following a linear path. Swerving implies a sudden change in direction, while fluctuating refers to changes in intensity or direction. Wandering is more informal and suggests moving without a specific aim or objective.

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How to use "Deviating" in context?

The term deviated indicates a motion or an action that goes beyond the normal. Deviating can be done unconsciously or on purpose. It can be a small change or an extreme one. It can be as simple as getting off the beaten path or going off the grid. Deviating can be a way of feeling more alive, connecting more with the world, or it can simply be a way of exploring new territory. The possibilities are endless.

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