What is another word for bluntness?

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Bluntness, defined as the quality of being straightforward and direct, can be described using several other terms. Curtness, brusqueness, and terseness all convey the idea of being brief and to the point, sometimes to the extent of being perceived as rudeness. Candor and frankness are synonyms for bluntness but carry a more positive connotation of speaking honestly and openly without malice or deceit. Bluntness can also be replaced with plain-spoken or upfront, which emphasizes the absence of pretension or artifice. While bluntness is often seen as lacking tact or sensitivity, these synonyms exemplify the importance of clear and direct communication in interpersonal interactions.

Related words: blunt, rude, discourteous, unkind, harsh, insensitive, brusque, curt, crude

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    Bluntness refers to being direct, outspoken, and outspoken when communicating or expressing oneself. The opposite of bluntness, however, is tactfulness, which is characterized by being polite, subtle, and diplomatic when conveying opinions or ideas. Tact is an antonym because it deals with the ability to handle sensitive matters in a gentle way without offending one's interlocutor. Another antonym for bluntness is finesse, meaning skill, refinement, and sophistication in communication. Instead of directly confronting or criticizing, finesse employs a diplomatic, subtle communication style that puts people at ease while still achieving the intended goal effectively. Indirection and diplomacy are also antonyms for bluntness.

    Usage examples for Bluntness

    Bernard's reply was wholly courteous, the boy's bluntness notwithstanding.
    "The Lamp in the Desert"
    Ethel M. Dell
    Mr. Benjamin said, with unaccustomed bluntness.
    "The New Tenant"
    E. Phillips Oppenheim
    "If you reckon on having married a genius, I'm afraid you're wrong," he said, with a bluntness not usual in him.
    "The Way of Ambition"
    Robert Hichens

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