What is another word for bluntness?

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[ blˈʌntnəs], [ blˈʌntnəs], [ b_l_ˈʌ_n_t_n_ə_s]

Related words: blunt, rude, discourteous, unkind, harsh, insensitive, brusque, curt, crude

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    Synonyms for Bluntness:

    How to use "Bluntness" in context?

    Bluntness is the lack of sharpness orpointedness in a movement,word, or image. This quality can bepositive or negative, depending on the context.

    Ina positive light, bluntness can refer to the simplicityof a design or the candid nature of speech. Ina negative light, it can be seen as bluntness of communication or an inabilityto delicately navigate around delicate topics.

    Regardless ofits intended use, bluntness is an integral aspect of manycreatives' work. It can be used to add weight to an idea,provoking a reaction, or just providing a straightforward solution to a problem.

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