What is another word for straightforwardness?

Pronunciation: [stɹe͡ɪtfˈɔːwədnəs] (IPA)

Straightforwardness is a term used to describe a personality trait or an action that is honest and simple. There are a number of terms that can be used to express this characteristic, including transparency, frankness, directness, simplicity, sincerity, clarity, and honesty. All of these words describe individuals who are open and honest in their communication and actions, and they do not try to mislead or deceive others. They are upfront about their intentions and do not engage in any hidden agendas or ulterior motives. Whether it is in personal or professional settings, straightforwardness is always appreciated as it shows a genuine desire to be truthful and transparent.

What are the hypernyms for Straightforwardness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for straightforwardness?

Antonyms for "straightforwardness" can include words such as deception, dishonesty, cunning, and guile. These words suggest a lack of openness or sincerity, and may indicate a desire to manipulate or deceive others. Other antonyms might include indirectness, obfuscation, or vagueness, all of which suggest a tendency to avoid direct communication or to conceal one's true feelings or intentions. While straightforwardness is generally valued for its clarity and honesty, these antonyms suggest a lack of trustworthiness or reliability, which may be off-putting to others in both personal and professional relationships.

What are the antonyms for Straightforwardness?

Usage examples for Straightforwardness

She, who was always urging straightforwardness, should she now shake this girl's strict truth?
Berthold Auerbach
He spoke the words without the slightest change in his voice, neither abashed nor too bold, but with a simple straightforwardness which convinced me of their truth.
"The Other Fellow"
F. Hopkinson Smith
Throckmorton never played off on her like this-it was quite opposed to his directness and straightforwardness.
Molly Elliot Seawell

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