What is another word for cubist?

Pronunciation: [kjˈuːbɪst] (IPA)

Cubism is an art movement that emerged in the early 20th century, characterized by a focus on geometric shapes and a fragmentation of forms. Synonyms for the word "cubist" include avant-garde, modernist, abstract, nonrepresentational, and geometric. These terms describe the style and approach of artists who seek to break away from traditional representations of reality and create works that challenge the viewer's perception. Cubism continues to influence contemporary art and design, and its legacy can be seen in many areas of creative expression, from architecture and fashion to music and film. Whether exploring the formal properties of art or questioning our assumptions about the world around us, the spirit of cubism lives on in the work of innovative artists and designers.

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Usage examples for Cubist

But, rhythmically, the modern versifier has been a cubist without quite comprehending it.
"Open Water"
Arthur Stringer
I have known her ever since we were both of us babies and she must remember what my parents call me, even though she never did call me Peter herself," said the poor cubist who looked ready to weep.
"Molly Brown's Orchard Home"
Nell Speed
He had never earned a cent in his life and it looked as though he never would earn one, but still he stayed on in Paris, hoping against hope that his luck would change and that he could either sell a picture or that his cubist theories would become so popular that pupils would flock to him to sit at the feet of learning.
"Molly Brown's Orchard Home"
Nell Speed

Famous quotes with Cubist

  • You're getting everyone's point of view at the same time, which, for me, is the perfect state for a novel: a cubist state, the cubist novel.
    Michael Ondaatje
  • Thud. My eyes are open. It is four-thirty in the morning, one morning, and my dry eyes click in their sockets, awake before the birds. There is no light. The eye strains for logic, some play of form. I have been dreaming of wind. The tree outside my window stands silent. I listen to the breathing of the man lying beside me. I know where I am. I am awake. I am alive. Am I tethered to earth only by this fragile breath? A strawful of breath at best. Yet this is the breath that patients beg, their hands gripping the edges of mattresses; this is the breath that wrestles trees, that brings down all the leaves in the Third Act. We know where the car is parked. We know, word-for-word, the texts of plays. We have spoken, in proximity to one another, over years, sentences, hundreds of thousands of sentences—bright, grave, fallible, comic, perishable—perhaps eternal? I don’t know. Where does the wind go? When will the light come? We will have hotcakes for breakfast. How can I protect this . . . ? My church teaches me I cannot. And I believe it. I turn the pillow to its cool side. Then rage fills me, against the cubist necessity of having to arrange myself comically against orthodoxy, against having to wonder if I will offend, against theology that devises that my feeling for him, more than for myself, is a vanity. My brown paradox: The church that taught me to understand love, the church that taught me well to believe love breathes—also tells me it is not love I feel, at four in the morning, in the dark, even before the birds cry. Of every hue and caste am I.
    Richard Rodriguez
  • These collages were static symmetrical constructions, portico's with pathetic vegetation, the gateway to the realm of dreams. They were done with colored paper in black, orange or blue dye plates. Although cubist painting interested me very much, not a trace of their influence was to be found in my collages.
    Jean Arp

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