What is another word for snarf?

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[ snˈɑːf], [ snˈɑːf], [ s_n_ˈɑː_f]

Snarf, a slang term commonly used in American culture, typically refers to someone who eats or drinks quickly, with little regard for manners or etiquette. Synonyms for this term include devour, gobble, wolf, scarf down, inhale, gorge, and chow down. Interestingly, many of these synonyms also have animalistic connotations, highlighting the way in which snarfling one's food is viewed as a primitive or instinctual act. While there is no universal agreement on what constitutes polite dining behavior, it is generally considered more socially acceptable to eat slowly and savor one's food. Nevertheless, the allure of snarfing remains strong for many people, especially during times of stress or when indulging in particularly tasty treats.

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