What is another word for quixotic?

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[ kwɪksˈɒtɪk], [ kwɪksˈɒtɪk], [ k_w_ɪ_k_s_ˈɒ_t_ɪ_k]

Quixotic is a word used to describe someone who is idealistic or impractical, but there are numerous synonyms for this adjective. One such word is fanciful, which means having a highly imaginative or unrealistic idea or notion. Another synonym is chimerical, which refers to something that is highly improbable or purely visionary. Visionary is also a good synonym for quixotic, which indicates a person with grand or ambitious plans or dreams. Idealistic, utopian, and romantic are other words that convey a similar meaning to quixotic. All of these words suggest a person or idea that is noble and admirable, but perhaps a little bit unrealistic or impractical.

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    Quixotic is a word that is typically used to describe overly idealistic or impractical things. The antonyms for quixotic are practical, realistic, level-headed, pragmatic and sensible. These words represent a more realistic approach to things, rather than a romanticized or idealized one. It is easy to get caught up in the quixotic nature of an idea, but ultimately it is important to remain grounded and focused on achievable goals. Being practical and realistic is the key to successful endeavors and less stressful outcomes. When trying to make a decision or choose a course of action, it is important to consider both the quixotic and practical sides of the equation.

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    Usage examples for Quixotic

    However, as it turned out, this quixotic act of consideration was allowed to remain a dark secret between these two.
    "Prince Fortunatus"
    William Black
    Such thoughts very naturally passed through a young and enthusiastic mind, but which, uttered aloud, would, to the generality of people, have appeared to arise from quixotic folly; and it must be confessed, that his servant Pedro did not in the least participate in his master's romantic feelings, though ever ready to share his fortunes.
    "The Prime Minister"
    W.H.G. Kingston
    It was Athena Maule, in her character of Jane Oglander's dearest friend, who had made the quixotic stranger's sword spring from its scabbard.
    "Jane Oglander"
    Marie Belloc Lowndes

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