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The word "pack" represents a group of items that have been gathered and tied together or placed inside a container. Synonyms for "pack" include bundle, bale, stack, package, crate, and case. A bundle refers to multiple items that have been wrapped together, often with twine. A bale refers to a compressed bundle of items, such as hay or cotton. A stack refers to a neatly arranged pile of items. A package refers to multiple items that have been wrapped together and boxed. A crate refers to a wooden container used for shipping items. A case refers to a container used for transporting or storing items, typically hand-held.

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Pack, a noun. 1. The act or condition of being packed or packed away. 2. A number of things, paper, goods, etc., bound together for transportation or storage. 3. A quantity of something. 4. A crowd or huddle. 5. A unit of measurement for cloth, silk, leather, paper, etc., equal to twenty-four inches by thirty-six inches. 6. A suit of clothes. 7. A collective term for a group of persons or things, esp. one that is disagreeable or unfavorable. 8.

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