What is another word for diphthong?

Pronunciation: [dˈɪfθɒŋ] (IPA)

A diphthong is a type of phoneme that consists of two vowel sounds pronounced together in a single syllable. Synonyms for the word diphthong include compound vowel, gliding vowel, vowel cluster, and double vowel. A compound vowel is formed when two vowels are uttered together, but each retains its separate sound, as in the vowel pair "ai" in "sail." A gliding vowel is a vowel sound produced by the transition from one vowel to another, as in the "oi" sound in "boy." A vowel cluster refers to a group of consecutive vowel sounds, like in the word "queue." A double vowel is simply two vowels pronounced consecutively in a single syllable, as in the word "boat".

What are the hypernyms for Diphthong?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Diphthong?

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Usage examples for Diphthong

"Scarlet Velvet" and "diphthong" gained the Aberdeenshire challenge-cup in 1862-63. At his annual sales his bull calves bring high prices; for some as much as sixty, eighty, and a hundred guineas each have been paid.
"Cattle and Cattle-breeders"
William M'Combie
Then I had to pounce on him, and tell him it was Latin, as he might know by the diphthong.
"Us and the Bottleman"
Edith Ballinger Price
A diphthong is a union of two vocals, commencing with one and ending with the other.
"McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader"
William Holmes McGuffey

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