What is another word for consonant?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒnsənənt] (IPA)

Consonants are a crucial component of language, enabling us to form words, phrases, and sentences with clarity and precision. While the word "consonant" itself has few synonyms, there are several related terms that can help us describe and identify various aspects of these important speech sounds. For example, we might refer to a consonant as a "non-vowel," "obstruent," or "plosive." We might also describe the manner in which a consonant is produced as "nasal," "fricative," or "affricate." Understanding these terms and their relationships to one another can enhance our ability to analyze and describe the sounds of language, making us more effective communicators in both speech and writing.

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The word "consonant" refers to a speech sound that is made by obstructing airflow. Antonyms for consonant include vowel, glottal, and liquid. A vowel is a speech sound that is produced without obstruction of airflow. On the other hand, glottal refers to a speech sound that involves the vocal cords, and it is created by constricting the area at the top of the windpipe. Finally, liquid refers to the speech sound that involves the movement of the tongue and lips, without obstruction. Understanding antonyms for consonant allows for a deeper understanding of language and how we use it to communicate.

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Usage examples for Consonant

In none of these countries, however, is the form of government so fully consonant with the party system as it is in Great Britain.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
Inside his silent cell, Holtspur had heard the clock striking the hour of twelve, in solemn lugubrious tones-too consonant with his thoughts.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
The leader from the helm leaned forward to regard him fixedly, finding his tranquillity consonant only with imperfect wits.
"The Unknown Sea"
Clemence Housman

Famous quotes with Consonant

  • We remain at peace with all nations, and no efforts on my part consistent with the preservation of our rights and the honor of the country shall be spared to maintain a position so consonant to our institutions.
    Martin Van Buren
  • Friedman came to Yale once and gave a talk called "Yale versus Chicago in Monetary Theory" before a house of 500 people. [...] It was quite interesting. I didn't get much involved at all in public, but we had a small private session afterwards. The thing I remember most about the occasion was that there was a very earnest, well-meaning graduate student who stood up at the big meeting and asked Friedman politely: "In your mode, money is the basic concept, and yet, you haven't ever told us exactly what money is conceptually. Could you help us understand it now?" Friedman cut the guy down in the withering way he can do by telling him that he didn't understand scientific methods. He said Newton didn't have to tell what gravity was; he only had to tell what it does. The same applied to money. That illustrates Friedman's methodology of positive economics which I think has done great damage. [...] You see that in Lucas, too. Their idea is the as-if methodology in which it is not a question whether the assumptions are realistic, but whether the results derived from the assumptions are consonant with the facts of observation. My reaction is that we are not so good at testing hypotheses so that we can give up any information we have at whatever stage of the argument. The realism of assumptions does matter. Any evidence you have on that, either casual or empirical, is relevant.
    Milton Friedman
  • Propaganda in favor of action that is consonant with enlightened self-interest appeals to reason by means of logical arguments based upon the best available evidence fully and honestly set forth. Propaganda in favor of action dictated by the impulses that are below self-interest offers false, garbled or incomplete evidence, avoids logical argument and seeks to influence its victims by the mere repetition of catchwords, by the furious denunciation of foreign or domestic scapegoats, and by cunningly associating the lower passions with the highest ideals, so that atrocities come to be perpetrated in the name of God and the most cynical kind of is treated as a matter of religious principle and patriotic duty.
    Aldous Huxley
  • There are many portions of economical doctrine which appear to me as scientific in form as they are consonant with facts.
    William Stanley Jevons
  • For if we may compare infinities, it would seem to require a greater infinity of power to cause the causes of effects, than to cause the effects themselves. This idea is analogous to the improving excellence observable in every part of the creation; such as in the progressive increase of the solid or habitable parts of the earth from water; and in the progressive increase of the wisdom and happiness of its inhabitants; and is consonant to the idea of our present situation being a state of probation, which by our exertion we may improve, and are consequently responsible for our actions.
    Erasmus Darwin

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