What is another word for guttural?

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The word guttural refers to sounds produced in the throat, especially by the vocal cords. Synonyms for guttural include hoarse, husky, raspy, throaty, growling, gravelly, and gruff. All of these words indicate a rough or harsh quality in someone's voice. Guttural can also be used to describe a certain accent or language, such as the German language, which is known for its hard, guttural sounds. Other words that can be used to describe similar accents or languages include rough, harsh, or strident. Overall, synonyms for guttural mostly revolve around a roughness or harshness in sound.

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What are the hypernyms for Guttural?

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What are the hyponyms for Guttural?

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What are the opposite words for guttural?

Guttural is a term used to describe sounds that originate from the throat. The word guttural has several antonyms, each conveying a different meaning. The first antonym of guttural is melodious. The term refers to sounds that are pleasant to listen to, smooth, and harmonious. The second antonym is high-pitched, describing sounds that are shrill and piercing. Thirdly there is a mild, treating sounds that are gentle, soothing, and soft. Lastly, there is smooth, which refers to sounds that are flowing, fluid, and effortless. These antonyms offer an excellent guide to differentiate guttural sounds from others and showcase the diversity of sounds our language can produce.

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Usage examples for Guttural

As for the unspeakable American custom of not serving wine, guttural explosions were inadequate to express his feelings.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
"Very, sir," answered the little man, bowing a little and smiling; his voice was guttural with a very slight accent.
Hugh Walpole
But he said nothing more than his guttural "Ah!"
William McFee

Famous quotes with Guttural

  • They sent me the script, asking me to play the part of a general. I have never played the part of an authority figure. I've never thought of myself that way. I was uncomfortable with it, but I worked at it and knew I had a guttural voice for a general.
    Mark Goddard
  • The mayor gave no other answer than that deep guttural grunt which is technically known in municipal interviews as refusing to commit oneself.
    Stephen Butler Leacock
  • A heavy task, but there was light relief In the Germanic ambience, boisterous, brash, Torchlit parades and pogroms, guttural grief In emigration queues, the smash and crash Of pawnshop windows by insentient beef In uniform, the gush of beer, the splash Of schnapps, the joy of being drunk and Aryan, Though Hitler was a teetotalitarian. Human pain meant But little in the Gulf War's visual grammar, a Big feast of death to feed the cinecamera
    Anthony Burgess

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