What is another word for emporium?

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[ ɛmpˈɔːɹi͡əm], [ ɛmpˈɔːɹi‍əm], [ ɛ_m_p_ˈɔː_ɹ_iə_m]

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    The word "emporium" is derived from the Latin root word "ex-" meaning "out" and "porium" meaning "marketplace." An emporium is a place where one can purchase goods and services. Emporiums typically also offer arcades, shops, and other attractions.

    An early precursor to the modern emporium was the souk, which originated in Persia in the seventh century. The souk was a nearby gathering place where merchants would sell goods from their carts. The term "souk" was eventually applied to any central marketplace, such as the Exchange Square in London, England.

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