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Hoard is a word that means to store or accumulate something in large quantities. Some synonyms for hoard include stockpile, stash, save, amass, collect, and gather. Other similar words that mean to accumulate or store something include accumulate, gather together, compile, pile up, store up, and conserve. Hoard can also mean to hide treasure or valuable items, in which case synonyms might include bury, secrete, conceal, or stash away. Whether it's to save provisions for a long trip, build a collection of rare items, or keep valuable possessions out of sight, there are many different ways to hoard or accumulate things in large quantities.

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Ever since humans first started to gather objects for the purpose of decoration or utility, they have been known as hoarders. Hoarding, although it may seem like an isolated problem, is actually a symptom of a larger problem - mental health.

Individuals who hoard start to accumulate objects as a means of filling a need that doesn't exist. This can be anything from seeking comfort to making themselves feel important. Most hoarders don't actually need the objects they're collecting, but they can't let go of them because they symbolize something meaningful to them.

This can lead to severe problems.

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