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Pronunciation: [stˈɒkpa͡ɪl] (IPA)

Stockpiling is a term used to describe a process where goods are accumulated and stored in large quantities. A common synonym for stockpile is "hoard," which implies a secretive or selfish hoarding of resources. "Store," on the other hand, suggests a more organized and systematic accumulation of goods for future use. "Reserve" refers to a quantity of goods set aside for unforeseen circumstances, while a "stash" suggests a more hidden or secret accumulation. Another synonym for stockpile is "cache," which implies a secure storage of goods. Finally, "pile," "heap," and "stack" all suggest a large collection of goods accumulated in one place.

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Stockpile is a word that denotes the act of acquiring and accumulating a large quantity of something, typically for future use. Antonyms for stockpile would, therefore, be words that convey the opposite meaning. These could include discard, relinquish, abandon, surrender, disperse, reduce, and deplete, among others. Discard denotes disposing of something unwanted or surplus, while relinquish is to give up something willingly or voluntarily. Abandon means to leave behind or forsake, surrender is to give up control, disperse is to scatter, reduce is to decrease in quantity, and deplete is to exhaust or use up completely. These antonyms of stockpile all suggest reducing or getting rid of something, rather than accumulating it.

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Usage examples for Stockpile

Also, during 1980 we initiated and carried out a withdrawal from our nuclear weapons stockpile in Europe of 1,000 nuclear warheads.
"State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter
They knew there'd be a need of individuality then-and they did create a stockpile.
"This Crowded Earth"
Robert Bloch
A stockpile of the younger generation, specially educated; a stockpile of the older generation, carefully selected.
"This Crowded Earth"
Robert Bloch

Famous quotes with Stockpile

  • This means we must subject the machinetechnologyto control and cease despoiling the earth and filling people with goodies merely to make money. The search of the young today is more specific than the ancient search for the Holy Grail. The search of the youth today is for ways and means to make the machineand the vast bureaucracy of the corporation state and of government that runs that machinethe servant of man. That is the revolution that is coming. That revolutionnow that the people hold the residual powers of governmentneed not be a repetition of 1776. It could be a revolution in the nature of an explosive political regeneration. It depends on how wise the Establishment is. If, with its stockpile of arms, it resolves to suppress the dissenters, America will face, I fear, an awful ordeal.
    William O. Douglas
  • The main key to the economics of the postwar world is a simple truism — that the rate of accumulation is equal to the rate of production less the rate of consumption. This is the "Bathtub Theorem." Production may be likened to the flow of water from the faucet, consumption to the flow down the drain. The difference between these two flows is the rate at which the water in the bathtub - the total stockpile of all goods - is accumulating. War drains the economic bathtub in a great waste of consumption. The first problem of reconstruction is to rebuild the stockpile. It can be rebuilt only by widening the gap between production and consumption, or, in the case of a single country, by importing more than is exported. It is difficult for a ravaged country to increase either its production or its net imports. Unless it can obtain outside help, therefore, it must suffer a drastic restriction of consumption. Frequently the only way consumption can be restricted is by inflation. Here, therefore, is the key to the most fundamental problems of reconstruction.
    Kenneth Boulding
  • It would be impossible to get through the kind of life that I have known without accumulating a vast unused stockpile of rage. Retaliation, though, was a luxury I could never afford. On the physical level I was too feeble. On any other I was not rich enough. I never dared to be rude to anyone. I never knew that I might not need him later. Long after fantasies of sexual excess had ceased to torment me, my imagination was inflamed by lurid day-dreams of having my revenge on the world.
    Quentin Crisp
  • Our stockpile of antiquity grows constantly
    Wisława Szymborska

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