What is another word for buttery?

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Buttery is a descriptive word that refers to a creamy and rich flavor or texture associated with butter. However, there are many synonyms that can be used in place of buttery, including creamy, rich, smooth, velvety, luscious, indulgent, and unctuous. These words all describe the luxurious texture and flavor associated with butter, but they can also be used to describe other foods such as cheese, cream sauces, and gravies. Exploring synonyms for buttery can help to diversify your vocabulary and add variety to your writing. Consider using these words interchangeably to add depth and nuance to your descriptions and create a more vivid and engaging experience for your readers.

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    Synonyms for Buttery:

    How to use "Buttery" in context?

    Buttery is a descriptor for something that is smooth and creamy, with a rich flavor. Buttery foods tend to be high in fat and often contain dairy products. Buttery foods are often used in dishes to achieve a desired texture or flavor. Butter can be used as a cooking oil, a margarine, or a spread.

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