What is another word for darkly?

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Darkly is an adverb which generally indicates an absence of light, or lacking brightness. Synonyms for darkly include gloomily, dimly, somberly, obscurely, murkily, shadowy, cloudily, and hazily. Gloomily and somberly indicate a depressing or melancholic atmosphere, while dimly and obscurely suggest a lack of clarity or visibility. Murkily and shadowy convey a sense of darkness or opacity, and cloudily and hazily describe a partially obscured or misty view. Each synonym brings its own connotation, and the choice of which to use will depend on the context and intended meaning. Ultimately, using these synonyms can help vary language, creating more rich and colorful writing.

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    Synonyms for Darkly:

    How to use "Darkly" in context?

    "darkly" is a word meaning "somberly," "pessimistically," or "disconsolately." It can also refer to something that is "shady," "hateful," or "violent." Although the word is relatively uncommon, it has found a place in popular culture, particularly in poems and songs.

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