What is another word for evilness?

94 synonyms found


[ ˈiːvə͡lnəs], [ ˈiːvə‍lnəs], [ ˈiː_v_əl_n_ə_s]

How to use "Evilness" in context?

The word "evil" can be difficult to define. It stirs up strong emotions, both positive and negative, in people. Some say that evil is what makes the world go round, while others believe that it is the root cause of all unhappiness. In reality, there is no single definition of evil that can be universally agreed upon. Some people say that evil is physical, mental, or emotional harm or destruction, while others believe that evil is simply the absence of good. evil can exist in any form, from a tiny thing, like a bee sting, to a catastrophic event, like a hurricane.

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