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Virtue is a word that refers to moral excellence or righteousness. Some synonyms for virtue include goodness, integrity, honesty, morality, righteousness, uprightness, and rectitude. These words all carry a similar connotation of ethical and moral purity, and can be used interchangeably with virtue in most contexts. Other synonyms for virtue include principle, standard, criterion, and ideal. These words convey a similar meaning to virtue but are more focused on an overarching concept or rule rather than personal conduct. Regardless of which word is used, all synonyms for virtue express a sense of strong moral character and ethical behavior.

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How to use "Virtue" in context?

What is virtue? Virtue is a quality that is valued in many different societies and is typically characterized by moral principles and good character. Virtues can be subdivided into two groups: cardinal virtues, which are prudential, or practical virtues, and moral virtues, which are virtues of character.

Some cardinal virtues are wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance. These virtues help us make sound decisions and act in the best interests of ourselves and others. Moral virtues are benevolence, justice, charity, and fortitude. These virtues help us treat others fairly, uphold our moral principles, and exhibit strength of character in the face of difficulty.

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