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[ ɪnvalˈɪdɪti], [ ɪnvalˈɪdɪti], [ ɪ_n_v_a_l_ˈɪ_d_ɪ_t_i]

The term "invalidity" refers to the state or condition of being invalid or void. It can be used to describe the lack of legal validity or authenticity. There are several synonyms for this term, such as nullity, ineffectiveness, voidness, non-validity, illegitimacy, and unenforceability. Nullity implies that something is without legal force or effect, while ineffectiveness refers to something that fails to produce the expected outcome. Voidness refers to the state of being completely empty or invalid, and non-validity suggests the absence of a valid or legally binding contract or agreement. Similarly, illegitimacy refers to something that is not lawful or legitimate, and unenforceability describes something that is not able to be enforced by law.

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How to use "Invalidity" in context?

Invalidity is an invalid state. It is an inability of anything to exist or to function. In other words, invalidity is the state of something that doesn't meet the requirements necessary for it to be considered valid. Invalidity is often used in the context of law. It can refer to any situation where something isn't valid, legal or otherwise. invalidity can also refer to the state of being invalid. Invalidity can be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary invalidity is when a person chooses to have their rights or privileges reduced or eliminated. Involuntary invalidity is when something happens to a person without their voluntary permission.

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